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  1. hikeNbike

    Anyone else having issues with the site

    Extremely buggy when I have to use the back button on the mobile device. Typing forward it is okay but any time I have to edit its excruciating. Just started happening today.
  2. hikeNbike

    How do you block someone on draft kings?

    Ive got the same jerk challenging me week after week to a bunch of contests. And they are usually out of my price range. I'm not going to wager 100 on a weekend fantasy contest. Meanwhile draft kings site is lighting up my email with messages you've been challenged. It's literally every day. I'm...
  3. hikeNbike

    Needed this week

    Have been losing the last several weeks. This week played a lot of double ups and have 40 to play with now. Godwin, Ertz and Henry big games overcame quite a few duds in the lineup and cashed.
  4. hikeNbike


    So premise is I got the exact pick I didnt want in the draft 4. The good news is one guy ahead of me often picks a qb in the first round though he didnt last year. Assumin Barkley, Kamara, and NcAffrey are off the board. Would you risk Zeke.12 team league 1 point ppr start 1 qb 2 rbs 3 wrs 1 te...
  5. hikeNbike

    Nick Foles and the eagles

    Okay I just dont get it. Carson Wentz by all accounts is a better skilled and overall better quarterback than Foles. But for some reason the rest of the team picks it up when Foles is starting at least late in the season. It's funny I would like the Bears in this game if Wrntz were starting but...
  6. hikeNbike

    Lineup help

    Hmm.. happen to be a rather fortunate 2-1 in one of my two main leagues. Could easily be 0-3 and probably deserve to be 1-2. Anyway my early picks looking at you David Johnson and Keenan Allen and Davante Adams have not performed, but have some decent depth. Makes it pretty rough to fill out my...
  7. hikeNbike

    Ok I'm losing patience in Herman

    Time to get someone else. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. hikeNbike

    Need some qb and d help

    Qb really holding me back in this league. I dont need a monstet game but hoping to offset or almost offset Stafford from my opponent who got 250 yds 2 tds 2 turnovers. Choices are Mariotta or Alex Smith. Smith has been really cold after his hot start, but gets a Bills team thats been lit up...
  9. hikeNbike

    Chris carson sub for who?

    Ok so I feel like it may be time to get this guy in my lineup against Indianapolis. But having a hard time. Good issue to have this week but a tough decision nevertheless. Rbs we start 2 and I have McCoy and Fournette. Admittedly neither has been lights out but both have good matchups. Other...
  10. hikeNbike

    Mariotta or Jameis

    I was firmly in Mariotta camp. But a friend made a compelling case for Jameis with the lack of a consistent running game, lots of weapons in Evans, Deshaun and if OJ Howard is the real deal thats another weapon. Jamris has a pretty good deep ball and figure Jackson will get a couple of long...
  11. hikeNbike

    Lets start some fantasy questions.

    Well Ive been working crazy hours, but a little break as I am off till Monday. So need to brush up heavily before upcoming drafts. Did some quick mocks for my main league which we have to start 1 qb 2 rbs 3 wrs 1 te, 1 k and a def, then 1 1 flex rb, wr, or te. Ppr so wrs get a bump and since...
  12. hikeNbike

    Cowboys now have cap room

    What will they do with it? Need to extend Zack Martin. After that lots of options. Sherman would be costly. Maclin also rumored but I wouldn't do it unless you could get him cheap. Defense is what they need most obviously. And they should use it as such as long as it doesn't come at the expense...
  13. hikeNbike

    Need 3 wrs

    Aj Green, Diggs, Crabtree, Tyreek Hill Green is starting but waffling on the other two. Diggs scares me a little this week because he likely draws Patrick Peterson but he has been a ppr beast. Crabtree is hit or miss he has been great for me overall this year but him and Cooper seem to be...
  14. hikeNbike

    What the heck is up with Rodgers?

    Ok i just had to ask. Ive been rolling him out each week and have been fairly fortunate as I am winning but its more in spite of him. In truth in this league Ive been lucky as Ive played the right teams the right weeks. I have 2 alternatives. Mariotta and Jameis and I am seriously considering...
  15. hikeNbike

    Flex question

    Ok lots of choices here but I can only play 1 at flex. Possibility if a second if you dont think Charles is ready to be slotted into the lineup. Though hoping for a big game and feel like if healhty he has the highest upside. Remaining choices to choose 1. Randall Cobb, Michael Thomas, Ryan...
  16. hikeNbike

    Cmon Jameis

    1-1 with a chance of 2-1 this week with a fair game from Jameis. Need about 200 yards & 2 tds or 300 and 1td. Or some combo of passing and rushing yards to pull out a win. Funny how things work. League Im going to win in doing so despite rough games from Rodgers, Jordy, Landry, Cinci D and a so...
  17. hikeNbike

    Not really a fantasy question

    More just a fantasy pleading. Ive used up my pickups for the week. Ive got injuries and buys so now would be a good week to show up Mr. Cobb. Sorry folks I have hit the alcohol pretty heavy after the Texas game so Im rambling a bit. While Im at it. Can we tackle anyone? yadda yadda tapatalk
  18. hikeNbike

    Contrarian qb play this week for tournament lieneups

    Ok so Im pretty sure there are going to be tons of people on Brady, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Rivers, Carr and probably even Wentz and Hoyer. So for the tournament what qbs do youbexpect to be sparringly owned that have a small chance to go nuts. Ive got a couple im thinking of rolling with...
  19. hikeNbike

    Pickup a qb

    Rodgers on a bye and my solid backup in Winston doesnt look like a great play this week against Denver. So waiver wire offers some good or at least intriguing options Siemien vs. Tampa Flacco vs. Oakland Hoyer vs. Lions Winston has been great in 2 of 3 but laid a pretty big egg against...
  20. hikeNbike

    Nobody doing dfs this year?

    Just wondering. I am playing dk for some reason fan duel wont let me play but draft kings will. Figure this might be the last year its allowed. yadda yadda tapatalk