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  1. derringer007

    Marcel Reece makes D-Mac expendable

    RB Marcel Reece 2012 success should be a wake up call to D-Mac that his multiple season injury's will get him on the fast track to the trading block. Should the Raiders look to deal McFaddy out of Oakland ??
  2. derringer007

    If you had 1.06 (rookie draft) which RB is on your radar.

    Whats your opinion on which Rookie RB would you be targeting at 1.06 ??
  3. derringer007

    Who Do You Like 49ers or Seahawks

    Who's going to win tonight's divisional prime-time game ??
  4. derringer007

    Another NFL Tragedy

    Dallas NT Josh Brent is charged with "Intoxication Manslaughter" in the death of fellow teammate LB Jerry Brown who was in the car with Brent who flpped his car casing the death of Brown...
  5. derringer007

    A.Smith or C.Kaepernick

    If you were the HC of the 49ers which QB gives them the better chance to reach the Super Bowl ??
  6. derringer007

    Very sad day for the K.C. Chiefs

    Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher has committed suicide at the Chiefs practice facility in front of GM S.Pioli, HC R.Crennel and others after murdering his girlfriend. My condolences to the family's of both involved in this tragedy...
  7. derringer007

    Week 9 Key GTD

    As of Friday Miami QB R.Tannehill G-Bay WR J.Nelson Detroit WR Megatron Miami WR B.Hartline Dallas WR D.Bryant & K.Ogletree
  8. derringer007

    Poor Danny Amendola

    The sky's were the limit for Amendola before his week 4 injury, a lone shinning star for the Rams that was nipping at the heals of the big name WR's like Megatron & Roddy White at #5 in the stat dept. not too shabby for an undrafted FA.
  9. derringer007

    MNF Game 2 Who Do You Like

    Who will win ?
  10. derringer007

    Brandon Jacobs is high as a kite

    Giants RB B.Jacobs says he would like to remain on the Giants in 2012. My Analysis: He's an idiot. :wtf: Gaining only 3.8 ypc. during the regular season and only 3.1 ypc in 3 playoff games and is due $500.000 bonus in March and 4.4 million 2012 base salary. The key words here are...
  11. derringer007

    Josh McDaniels back to the Patriots

    New England has hired J.McDaniels as OC.
  12. derringer007

    Week 14 Notable GTD

    QB-Christain Ponder (hip) didnt practice Wed. or Thurs. limited Fri. RB-Adrian Peterson (ankle) didnt practice Wed. limited Thurs. & Fri. RB-Kevin Smith (ankle) didnt practice Wed. or Thurs. limited Fri. WR-Kevin Walter (illness) added to report after missing practice Fri. WR-Nate...
  13. derringer007

    TE Fred Davis says "Puff Puff Pass"

    Redskins TE F.Davis is suspended for the final 4 games for a dirty drug test. :smokin:
  14. derringer007

    Week 13 GTD

    QB's J.Freemen @ S.Bradford RB's K.Smith, M.Turner, M.Hardesty, A.Bradshaw, J.Addai WR J.Jones TE T.Heap
  15. derringer007

    Shady McCoy injury update

    So far it looks like he is a GTD
  16. derringer007

    WSIS @ QB

    This is a big week as i need a win to secure the division sitting with a 7-6 record Matt Hasselbeck vs. the Bills or Caleb Hanie vs. the Chiefs ?? Hass has been a disappointment the last 2 weeks scoring only 6.7 pts. Hanie threw 3 INT's but put up good numbers otherwise scoring 16.0 pts week...
  17. derringer007

    Jerome Harrison diagnosed with brain tumor

    It appears Lions RB J.Harrison is reported via ESPN, diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  18. derringer007

    P.Manning, done for the year??

    Just heard on NFL Network and Sirius Radio that Colts owner is saying that Manning could be done for the year. :nono1: Irsay is an idiot
  19. derringer007

    When an NFL player is out for the season......

    Why dont NFL teams put a player on IR when its an obvious season ending injury ??? :hmmm: Packers Safety Nick Collins is out for the season by all reports, so why is Collins listed weekly as "Out"
  20. derringer007

    A.Foster is officially out

    On NFL Network Game Day Foster is a no-go