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  1. Zach

    Axe - you are up - would you please pick damnit. I feel like I have been sitting around waiting to make my first pick for over a decade.
  2. Zach

    First live draft in over a decade tommorrow

    This should be interesting. I am so used to drafting online that the idea of sitting around with a bunch of guys drafting seems weird. Hopefully I stay sober enough to not end up drafting Randy Moss in the fifth.
  3. Zach

    They get slower Good expose at what college coaches are doing with the kids while they have them.
  4. Zach

    Vikings Stadium passes through the State House

    Minn. House approves Vikings stadium bill Question is if this will really be good enough. They threw in another 100 million that the Vikings have to pay. Minnesota Senate picks it up tommorrow.
  5. Zach

    Camera trys to kill Marvin McNutt
  6. Zach

    How about a super super conference?

    Source: Big East, Conference USA, Mountain West mulling single football league - ESPN "We would figure out some way -- four divisions of seven teams each, a playoff and then a conference championship game -- to come up with the (automatic qualifier)," UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood...
  7. Zach

    Calvin Johnson 4 times? WTF

    Please god let this be Calvin's bad game... please please please... damn I am up against him 4 times in IBL this week.
  8. Zach

    Is Kubiak trying to kill Foster?

    20 touches in the first half coming off injury? Obviously he is getting the job done, but seriously why on earth would you put him in position to get rehurt this quickly?
  9. Zach

    UNLV is #1

    I am still trying to figure out these numbers... as they are not consistent (drops to just under a million in 2009) CSM0810 Search and Report ... but hell at least my future alma mater is number one in something Looking into the numbers given here, and considering conference expansion, there...
  10. Zach

    Notre Dame is looking good

    They are definantly a BCS team this year - no doubt.
  11. Zach

    Oklahoma next?

    Sooners leaving Big 12? OU says it'll decide soon Nebraska, Colorado.... Texas A&M... is it getting to much for other Big 12 schools? I am really starting to think Texas A&M is the nail in the coffin - unless Texas expands their network to a conference network... then maybe. If I am any...
  12. Zach

    What kind of cap space does Cincy have?

    I am just a bit curious as to what would happen to their cap if Palmer decided to show up at camp.
  13. Zach

    Manning signs 5 years for 90 million

    Ironic that the player demanded less than the owner demanded he gets. They ended up settling for the same as Brady. When is the next time we will see the player settle for more than he wanted?
  14. Zach

    FA Signing: DeAngelo Williams back with Panthers

    Report from the NFL network is they got him for 43 million over 5
  15. Zach

    Another investigation for Ohio State

    ... though honestly does not sound like there is something here - ya never know Ohio State to investigate players' car deals | BuckeyeXtra