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  1. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    First lineup I'm rolling out in all my H2H formats......will add some tourney lineups later this weekend...... QB - Brady RB - L. Bell RB - L. Murray WR - A. J. Green WR - Fitzgerald WR - A. Robinson TE - Ebron Flex - Baldwin D - Seahawks Very safe head to head games lineup this week, Brady...
  2. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 2 thread

    Ok, since I've been coerced into it by Bodey, Miller, and others..... QB - M. Ryan RB - C. Hyde RB - J. Forsett WR - J. Jones WR - A. Brown WR - B. Coleman TE - T. Eifert Flex - P. Dorsett Def - New Orleans
  3. maverick824

    Week 1 What Do Ya Need, How Did You Do P&M thread

    Hired Guns - Up 12 with R. Bush and Best against Romo, Witten, DMac, and Gosty - This one was looking much closer than it should have been thanks to Cobb, but just a much more talented Miller team should grab this one back, unless Dallas flops and Bush goes berserk with the PPR and punt...
  4. maverick824

    Indy radio reporting Manning out for year, wow!

    Indy radio station reported Peyton Manning had a 2nd procedure done on his neck either Sunday or Monday and will miss the entire season. Its still unconfirmed by any notable media outlets, but its already hitting myfantasyleague feeds. If this is true, are there any Colts that dont take a...
  5. maverick824

    RRod given the boot by Brandon, Wolverines

    UM ended the tenure of RRod this morning, a firing that should have came after the OSU game. Well, it should have came 2 years earlier, after the 3-9 year and the NCAA probs, but, who do we land???? Here's the wish list...... 1 Jim Harbaugh - Likelyhood - 18% - This is the Les...
  6. maverick824

    It's Always a Great Day Today!

    OSU and Michigan renew the hate today! Even though the game's expected to be lopsided, there's always that hope that, for one day....... - Denard runs hog wild and completes more passes to white jerseys than scarlet ones. - The tangled mess at RB is forgotten by the OSU D enough to keep Pryor...
  7. maverick824

    Week 11 Sun Night, Whatcha Need, How'd Ya Do?

    Who burned ya, who saved ya, who hopped back in the races, and who's fading fast?
  8. maverick824

    making a title run in a keeper league question.....

    I'm 7-1 in a 12 tm 4 keeper PPR 6 pt pass TD, 2RB/2WR/Flex Starters - P Manning, DMac, Benson, Wayne, Colston, DJax, V Davis Bench - Brown, FJax, Hart, Burleson, Avant, Armstrong Picks - missing 3rd, 4th rounders Target RB's on rebuilding teams - Gore, SJax, Blount - I'm looking for a RB1 to...
  9. maverick824

    What do you need? - Sunday Night

    Who burned ya, who saved ya, what miracles need to happen? Piss and moan or brag it up here!
  10. maverick824

    Week 8 - Who's in, who's out!

    Favre will start vs the Patriots, but expect to see Tarvaris Jackson take over at some point, unless Favre is effective.
  11. maverick824

    Week 8 - Monday Night - HOU @ IND - Discussion Thread

    How close does Peyton come to 500 yds passing? Discuss the game here!
  12. maverick824

    Week 8 - Sunday Night - PIT @ NO - Discussion Thread

    Can the Steel Curtain close the show on Drew Brees in NAWLINS? Discuss it here!
  13. maverick824

    Week 8 - Late Game Discussion Thread

    TEN @ SD MIN @ NE SEA @ OAK TB @ ARI Discuss the games here!
  14. maverick824

    Week 8 - Early Game Discussion Thread

    GB @ NYJ MIA @ CIN BUF @ KC JAX @ DAL WAS @ DET CAR @ STL DEN VS SF (jolly ole England) Happy, you know, discussing!
  15. maverick824

    Week 5 - How'd u do, what do u need?

    Hired Guns (3-1) - loss :(.....solid scoring, just ran into Floyd's career game and Amendola getting Clayton's scraps....... Local (4-0) - down 43, DJax/Davis vs banged up McCoy, very likely loss.....P Manning chose the week I play the other 4-0 team to lay his egg for the year, Forte and Orton...
  16. maverick824

    Rate this trade....

    Roster - P. Manning, C. Palmer, T. Tebow M. Forte, D. McFadden, J. Addai, C. Portis, D. Sproles D. Jackson, E. Royal, B. Edwards, P. Garcon, P. Harvin, S. Holmes M. Lewis, K. Winslow Just traded Palmer, Addai, Edwards, Garcon for Colston, Flacco 12 team PPR Traded backups for strength at WR....
  17. maverick824

    Heap (active vs Bengals) vs Lewis

    Heap is listed as active for today. Got several targets against the Jets last week. Do I roll with him, or sit him for Marcedes Lewis, who was the red zone hero with 2 TD's, but only 2 catches????? PPR league.