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  1. maverick824

    Who is the Fantasy Rookie #1 pick this year

    I posted this in Hired Guns chat, but will also comment here. Clyde has best situation of the RB's immediately, and only Dobbins can argue situation longer term. Agreed with ER that Clyde's a pass catching back in an Andy Reid offense. All of the backs have competition, but Clyde's can't seem...
  2. maverick824

    2016 NFL Week 2: In or Out

    Good thing I don't like money :)
  3. maverick824

    NFL Draft 2016 - Pick #1 Tennessee Titans

    You sure about this? An LA team and Goff being from Cal? With both being rated even, I see them taking the guy who is known in the area for ticket sales, and not the kid from a Dakota :)
  4. maverick824

    My Introduction

    Welcome Kayla!
  5. maverick824

    Playoff what ifs

    It's true OSU came up from #5. OSU also didn't beat the #1 team in the conference title game like UNC would be able to claim. I would have to think that beating the #1 in the conference title game gets you some spots, probably enough to hop over those other teams that don't have the same...
  6. maverick824

    NOOOOO....Not Brett Favre!!!!

    There's still a tried and true method to get Miller to post :)
  7. maverick824

    Playoff what ifs

    Not happening man. Oklahoma's in, winner of Iowa/MSU is in, Alabama is in (there is no way Florida beats them, sorry), and winner of Clemson/UNC. Clemson in with a win, obviously, but UNC would be a 1 loss conference champ on a 11 game winning streak (should sound familiar to the Buckeyes...
  8. maverick824

    The Future of Daily Fantasy

    When you day trade, even if it's for a few hours, you own a piece of something. It's a physical purchase of a company. You can choose to hold it forever, sell it, etc etc, but the fact remains, you OWN a piece of that company. I buy a share of Apple, I own that fraction of the company as an...
  9. maverick824

    The Future of Daily Fantasy

    I don't day trade. Neither do any of the multimillionaires and 1%'ers who made their fortunes on the stock market. Approximately 1-3% of day traders make any sort of profit from it, and it's usually not sustainable. You can't say "putting your money into the stock market is just as risky,"...
  10. maverick824

    The Future of Daily Fantasy

    I'll make you a deal. You take your entire life savings and put it into DFS. You can have no 401k, no IRA, no investments of any kind. I will invest the same amount of money in stocks, mutual funds, and these other "gambles." Let's get together in 30 years and see who's ahead. :)
  11. maverick824

    End Of The RB Era?

    I feel like there's less turnover year to year among the elite wideouts. Top shelf RB's usually have that big elite year, then come back down to earth. You have outliers like AP, Forte, Lynch that have been top guys for 4-5 years, but for every one of those, there are 2 of the Demarco Murray...
  12. maverick824

    Dfs week 6

    I stuck Freeman in my H2H's over Lacy with 10 minutes left till kickoff......was a very smart play, I'd have had some catching up to do otherwise!
  13. maverick824

    DFS Talk - Week 4 (Draft Kings, Fan Duel and any others)

    Rollling this cash gamer, will highlight some tourney plays shortly! Rodgers L. Murray F. Gore R. Cobb A. Cooper P. Harvin G. Olsen M. Jones Carolina I think the Rodgers-Cobb stack is as high a floor you can grab this week, especially with SF. Murray will shred again this week, as will most...
  14. maverick824

    Week 3 MNF- How'd you do & what do you need tonight?

    I need Jordy to reattach his ACL and come play WR tonight.........seriously....... Home league is wrapped, 3-0 there Shula is a wrapped up win, on the board finally at 1-2 there I'm toast in HG, 1-2 there (unless Cobb outscores Rodgers by 30 haha) no real needs, just sweating Miller's tourney...
  15. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    Looks to me like you're dodging Crosby, one guy has most likely Kelce and Crosby, and there's a RB in play (Charles???)......should be a fun sweat!
  16. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    Cash games are better than 55% of the time and you profit. . We have a similar strategy for BR management. I keep it strictly around 10% in play, a lot of the rules I set from back when I played poker, bankroll management strategies are VERY similar. Main thing I've had to...
  17. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    I've been concentrating on H2H, and been fairly successful with it in, but I have very short term results. 10-0 last week in 50/50's, and this week looks like most likely 9-1. I'm not playing high enough stakes at the moment to really invest in tournament play much yet, I'm currently grinding...
  18. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    Wow, that looks great! Nice run today! Baldwin disappearing is ruining a high performer for me......should cash 3 of my 5 lineups in this tment though, and will pick up 9 of my 10 head to heads at least, with a small shot at a sweep.....
  19. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    This lineup is doing pretty sweet, played 10 H2H's and should easily win most. This is also currently cashing along with 2 other lineups I ran out. Very good day so far! Really confident that I have Fitz and Baldwin back for the afternoon slate!
  20. maverick824

    DraftKings Week 3 lineups and discussion

    tournament plays for me..... QB - Going to roll out Brady, Wilson, and will sneak a lineup in with Bortles/ARob. Rethought Miller's run and may float Luck in one also. I think this is just a week where the obvious play is the correct one with Brady and Wilson, and I like Wilson even more if...