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  1. deuce4321

    PICK 6 of 9 to start

    Team is finally healthy on all fronts. Full PPR and no bonus. Need to pick 6 of these guys to start. 1. Bernard, Giovani CIN RB @ NYG 2. Gurley, Todd RAM RB @ NYJ 3. Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB vs KCC 4. Adams, Davante GBP WR @ TENN 5. Britt, Kenny RAM WR @ NYJ 6. Humphries, Adam TBB WR vs CHI 7...
  2. deuce4321

    Mike Wallace signs with Miami

    5 year 60 mil with 30 mil guaranteed! The GM took a lot of heat for unloading Marshall due to financial reasons last season and since he is on his last year of his contract he is trying to spend money to keep his job. Hes got speed for days but I dont think he runs great crisp routes or has...
  3. deuce4321

    Will the Giants actually let Cruz walk?

    After getting two back to back 1000 yards receiving seasons under his belt Giants WR is a free agent and the Giants have yet to sign him. Cruz is a RFA and has been given a 1st round tender. Its a big risk to allow this dynamic WR to hit the open market and while the Giants have a right to match...
  4. deuce4321

    Do you risk a first round pick on cj2k?

    With a healthy britt, the qb one year older and a full season returned from injury I think he actually has a chance to be A top 3 rb.
  5. deuce4321

    Need 20+ points

    Options are Chris Johnson or Kenny britt. PPR league. Who's more likely to go off?
  6. deuce4321

    Bench Cam for......... Sanchez???:confused:

    Schaub is on bye Does Cam suck so badly against Chicago that Sanchez is a better play against Miami? I need to try to put my homerism to the side and need an unbiased opinion.
  7. deuce4321

    Madden Curse

    No real discussion on Calvin Johnson being on the cover. He was still top half of 1st rd. pick. Anyone else who avoided him this year?
  8. deuce4321

    2012/2013 redraft qb position

    I think this year is the year that any of the top 10 qbs can be the top fantasy qb. Who is your top 10? Rogers Brady Brees Cam Stafford Vick Eli Romo Rivers Peyton
  9. deuce4321

    Can cam's value be any higher?

    Does anyone think cam can repeat or beat last seasons numbers? If not is there ever going to be a better time to get Max value for him? Do u sell if u own him in a dynasty league?
  10. deuce4321

    Exonerated high-school star Brian Banks to work out for NFL teams

    Falsely accused HS start spent five years in prison after pleading no contest to the charge of rape, and spent five more years on probation. Accuser recorded saying that her charges were lies. He was recruited in HS but IMO there there is no way he is NFL ready yet. Maybe a few years in Euro...
  11. deuce4321

    Asher Allen, oft-concussed Vikings CB, walks away from football

    24 year old retires. He was a third-round draft choice in 2009 and was pushed into a starting role. He has has concussion issues the last two seasons. Is this a product of Juniors suicide? At 24 what is this kid going to do with his life? What would you do? Asher Allen, oft-concussed Vikings...
  12. deuce4321

    trouble accessesing site using Tapatalk

    Says to contact the administrator.
  13. deuce4321

    FA Signing: Mario Williams DE signs wth the Bills A source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Williams agreed to a six-year contract. Financial terms of the deal weren't immediately known.
  14. deuce4321

    Pick your poison qb

    Fitzpatrick @ jets Palko vs pitt Skelton @ stl Ponder @ Atlanta Let's get some opinions here.
  15. deuce4321

    Royal vs mccluster

    Standard ppr with return yards. Flex decision bw royal and mccluster.
  16. deuce4321


    How did Dallas lose? Out of town and following on my cell. Also giants were down in the 4th and won?
  17. deuce4321

    Philly DBs

    I was thinking about it today and i think Samuel is a better DB then DRC so he would be the 2nd db and DRC the nickel if they were to keep all 3? What are your thoughts?
  18. deuce4321

    Who's representing the NFC in the superbowl 2011?

    Who's representing the NFC in the superbowl 2012? Packers or Eagles??? I think eagles are better on paper but I don't think Vick can play all season and don't think Vince can handle the pressure. GB running game still has me wondering until I see it on the field. What say you?
  19. deuce4321

    who is the team that looks the worst?

    At first i thought it was Seattle. But now Washington is looking pretty terrible. What is cincy doing not going after a qb? Carolina will be pretty terrible also. Are all of these teams really all going for Luck?
  20. deuce4321

    Football cops (the Mannings)

    this is really funny. Watch the Mannings in action.