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    Happy birthday, Jeff.

    Happy birthday, Jeff.
  2. catman

    Myles Garrett should be arrested

    Good for the league. Garrett should not play again this year or next. Possibly in 2021 if he fulfills a very lengthy program of counselling and community service.
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    What the Heck is Going On Between the Steelers and Browns?

    8 seconds to go in the game and the Steelers' QB gets beaned with his own helmet and one of the Browns' linemen gets kicked in the helmet by a Steelers' lineman. If I were commissioner, #53 from the Steelers would not play again this season and #95 from the Browns would not play again this year...
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    Andrew Luck is Retiring

    Sort of shocking even for me and I don't watch football at all.
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    Hunt in BIG trouble

    NFL players (and all professional athletes) have to realize that they are not above the law and behaviors of this sort, even if they are isolated, cannot be tolerated.
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    Are you interested in another fantasy baseball team? If so, I have a league that you might be...

    Are you interested in another fantasy baseball team? If so, I have a league that you might be interested in joining.
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    Birth of a Tradition?

    Last Saturday, with the urging of many on social media, all 75,000 fans at Kinnick Stadium at the University of Iowa turned to face the newly completed Children's Hospital and waved to those who were watching from their windows. I'm sure this brought a smile to a few faces that need them...
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    One can easily say that they took NDSU lightly, and paid the price for it.
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    Brady suspension for 4 games reinstated by courts

    The ruling is a win for Godell. He has the authority to suspend players as he sees fit to do.
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    Farewell and Goodbye - I mean, Hello Again!

    Mike, thanks for all of the hard work.....and thanks for being a friend. One of these years I'll have to get down South to visit.
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    Farewell and Goodbye - I mean, Hello Again!

    Thanks Mike. Its been a great ride. 10+ years of fun. Lots of us have been together since Tuff Sports days. Thanks for hosting a new site, Mud.
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    NFL Payoffs 2016: Packers/Cards

    Just how in the world did the Packers let Fitzgerald get that open in the overtime?
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    My Introduction

    Hello Kayla. It is really nice to get a young lady's point of view on sports. I'm an old man and don't really talk to young ladies much, except at work. There, its only professional stuff (I'm a nurse).
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    Brady and deflategate

    Its a real shame that the NFL wouldn't be able to enforce their own rules without the courts stepping in. This is ridiculous.
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    Pre-season injuries starting to mount

    Is it really necessary for football to have this much pre-season? Most of the players would only need a couple of games to be in "game-shape" and a week or 2 to get ready for games.
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    Frank Gifford (84) Passed Away Today

    One of the greats both on the field and in the broadcast booth. He will be missed.
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    Arian Foster goes down in first padded practice

    This is precisely why a football team needs several good RBs, even though they might not appreciate sitting on the bench.
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    I have a perfect solution to this problem. The Patriots forfeit their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks in the 2016 and 2017 drafts. If anyone else is caught deflating footballs, they lose 5 picks a year for 2 years.