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    For Week 16 (FFChamps) Patriots wideout Julian Edelman (concussion) will not play Sunday.

    For Week 16 (FFChamps) Patriots wideout Julian Edelman (concussion) will not play Sunday.
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    James Harrison signed by the Steelers

    James Harrison signed by the Steelers to a one year contract.
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    A kicker question for final$

    I have Carpenter. Now minus E. J. Manuel and Tuel as backup I don't think they can get out of their own end zone. Do I stay with him @ home versus Miami or go to: Gould (Chi) @ Philly Bailey (Dal) @ WashedUptime Folk (NYJ) home v Cle Any advice would sure be appreciated since this is my paid...
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    Last minute advice: Ken Stills or James Jones?

    Last minute advice: Ken Stills or James Jones? Get .2 pts. for a reception. 10 yards = 1pt. TD = 6 pts. I'm goin' with James Jones the guy I drafted.
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    Dogbone alert

    Cleveland run game gets boost from RB "Dogbone" Ogbonnaya:
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    Is Roger Goodell crippling players in his tenure?

    Is Roger Goodell going to be known for crippling players in his tenure? The knee-shot tackle is back! Credit Roger Goodell for hurting people. Ever had your knee speared? He single-handedly changed the game. For the rest of the player's lives they will remember "Goodell Rules".
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    Giants signing Peyton Hillis today reports Peyton "Hillis and Danny Ware worked out for the team on Tuesday. Hillis is only two years removed from being the most regrettable Madden Football cover choice of all-time, and has...
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    Lost Andre Brown found

    Search Rescue Teams are pleased to announce they have found Andre Brown. He has Brandon Jacobs to thank in part, seen in Monday's practice "standing off to the side with a wrap on his left leg and not working with the rest of the team during the portion of Monday morning's practice that was...
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    Hoyer is out (IR) Rookie WR Charles Johnson is in

    According to the Associated Press, Cleveland signed rookie wide receiver Charles Johnson off Green Bay's practice squad. The Packers drafted him in the seventh round in April. He played in Green Bay's final two exhibition games.
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    Atlanta just picked up Brian Robiskie?

    Atlanta just picked up WR Brian Robiskie? Keep an eye out.
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    Lost Andre Brown

    I have these available as replacements off the waiver: Vic Ballard, Michael Bush, Daniel Thomas, Kendall Hunter, Mike Tolbert, Shonn Greene, Joique Bell, Robert Turbin, Da'Rel Scott, Stephens-Howling, Toby Gerhart, Lance Dunbar, Marcel Reese, Isaiah Pead, Knile Davis, Justin Forsett, Ryan...
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    Do I make this trade?

    I have a Quarterback conundrum. Pay league, Start QB,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,FLEX(WR,RB,TE),K,DEF,6BN. .2 pts. per reception Do I make this trade? It's basically CJ Spiller for RGIII I acquire: Robert Griffin III Isaac Redman for: C.J. Spiller Andrew Luck My Current...
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    Should I just play Lance Ball on Thursday?

    Would you play Ball Thursday night over waiting for Gore's status Sunday?
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    Delone Carter, Roy Helu, or Bernard Scott for week 6?

    Chris Johnson is on a bye (probably just as well) so I picked up Delone Carter thinking it would be an improvement over Helu or Scott. But now I'm not so sure. I'm just so afraid of any Indy player much less vs. Cincinnati. Donald Brown is also available but I'm leaning toward the RB3...
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    Is Roger Goodell gonna fine anybody for the knee-hit on Ben!!?!?!!? If not he's ****

    Is Roger Goodell gonna fine anybody for the knee-hit on Ben!!?!?!!?!? If not he's turned the NFL into **** (let me tell you it rhymes with "hit") There's no excuse for that and we all know it.
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    The New Boogey-Man

    M. Sanchez is officially the Booger-Man of the NFL. Undisputed champion! Does he really disrespect his own teammates that bad? He had his own coat on too...unbelievable:rolllaugh:
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    Your Super Bowl Tickets

    OMG you're actually going to "incentive me" for my posts? Are you SURE you really want to do that? I've sensed over the years my opinions are somewhat less than appreciated. But, you asked for it! Go Steelers!!!! Hey anyone have tickets for sale? I have the room, and airfare, but not...
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    So WHAT is the deal with Cincinnati?

    :headscratch: It was supposed to be a growing year. It was supposed to be a winning year. It was supposed to be a dominating year. Coaching? Nope. As I talk with Cincy folk, it's the ownership. Another Al Davis situation where the owner has to control. Everything. How do we strike? I...
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    Wow the NFL has come a long way

    Valuable message: The parity in this league is astounding. No favoritism at all here. Way to go NFL on ruining the game with your :homer: fines! A hand gets up in a quarterback's face and leaves him with a bloody, broken nose. No flag is thrown. It wasn't under a pile or anything, it was...
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    I'm in big trouble in '10 too

    I'm resurrecting this thread to ask again a year later for the same kind of desperate advice: I am 0 - 2 in a 12-team league. Picking MJD third was a bomb and neither CJ Spiller (nor Forsett for that matter) really "popped". So here is my team of starters QB-Jay Cutler RB1-MJD...