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  1. cctekguy

    AFC Championship Game

    Pats take care of business on their first drive. I picked the Pats but since the Rams stole the NFC title, I'm all in on the Chiefs.
  2. cctekguy

    NFC Championship Game

    Rams wearing the Blue/White helmets. (Not the Blue/Yellow). That's a good start for LA :)
  3. cctekguy

    Week 12: Lamar Jackson or Jameis Winston?

    With Goff on bye, I picked up Jackson after week 10 due the Flacco injury and a great match-up vs Oak in week 12. Winston vs SF popped up on the wire and I grabbed him too. Both are playing at home and weather doesn't seem to be an issue, though it will be 30* warmer in Tampa. I've been...
  4. cctekguy

    I've Got A Rules Question

    I just saw the potential for this to happen in the Saints/Vikings game. Brees hit Michael Thomas for a long gain. Defensive pass interference was also called on the play. The Saints declined the penalty and took the play. ...but the catch was "questionable" and could have been challenged...
  5. cctekguy

    Which Will You Watch?

    Saints visit Minnesota in what looks to be a great game. I don't have any fantasy interests in this game but I AM a Saints fan. Boston Red Sox visit Los Angeles leading the series 3-1 and could win it all tonight. It's Chris Sale vs Clayton Kershaw in a show down of the staff aces...
  6. cctekguy

    Philly Just HAS To Trade Foles....Right?

    A super bowl MVP in a QB hungry league that could conceivably not play a down next season. Why would you wait? If Wentz's rehab isn't going well or if there is reason to believe that permanent damage has been done to his knee then maybe, but c'mon. His value will never be higher than it is...
  7. cctekguy

    What Are You Doing For Super Bowl Sunday?

    I'm about to nap and wake up about 5. My son (SO not a football fan) has invited a couple of friends over to watch the game. We will ball up in my room and watch the game and I'll answer really stupid questions like " Why Was That A Penalty", and " Why Did He Go Out Of Bounds". It's all...
  8. cctekguy

    AFC Title Game

    Anyone besides me picking the Jags over the Steelers AND the Saints over the Vikings?
  9. cctekguy

    What Is Mike Zimmer Thinking?

    Per Rotoworld, Mike Zimmer has stated that he "wouldn’t commit to Case Keenum as his starter beyond next week." He must be under some huge pressure from the fat wallets that own the team. (and pay his salary) NO WAY IN HELL do you bench the QB that got you to 9-2 and a shoe in for the...
  10. cctekguy

    Week 12 QB Advice

    I'm really struggling with this one. Jared Goff vs New Orleans in a potentially high scoring affair without his favorite receiver, Robert Woods. -OR- Andy Dalton vs Cleveland
  11. cctekguy

    Miami Backfield

    If you could only start ONE of them...Which would it be? Williams has been around a minute but he's still only 25 yrs old. I think he started for a while when Miller was injured a few years back. He never could bust the starting line-up even when Ajayi was a question mark. He's got all the...
  12. cctekguy

    Is Anyone Starting Woodhead This Week?

    Guy was pretty highly ranked before the injury and now the Baltimore backfield is a revolving door of low quality, low volume RBs. Does Woodhead step back into his "Must Start" role or does he just get in line with the other RBs?
  13. cctekguy

    Things I Never Thought I'd See

    Fans and Beat writers clamoring for Brock Osweiler... The guys in Houston are laughing their asses off. :D
  14. cctekguy

    Week 8 Weather Woes

    As if having 6 teams on bye didn't make things hard enough, 4 of the remaining 10 games are threatened by some pretty serious weather. Here are some game time forecasts. Atl @ Jets: 66*, 100% chance of rain, Wind 18 MPH. SF @ Philly: 66*, 100% chance of rain, Wind 10 MPH Dal @ Wash: 55*...
  15. cctekguy

    Monday Night: Vikings @ Bears

    ESPN is doing a short pre-game bio on Trubisky. Is it just me or does this kid look scared to death.
  16. cctekguy

    Broncos vs Chargers

    The game has barely started and I already have issues. Who is this chick calling the play by play? Call me whatever names you want to but this just sounds WRONG. No matter how deep her voice is or how well she's doing it, it's really distracting to me. It doesn't help that the color guy...
  17. cctekguy

    SUPERBOWL LI: Picks and Wishes

    Picks: New England and Dallas Wish: Green Bay and Kansas City
  18. cctekguy

    Who Is Choosing The Nationaly Televised Games?

    I don't know about your area, but I'm stuck with Dallas @ Philly and New England @ Miami. :mad: 4 teams that have either clinched or are eliminated. Surely they could have found a game or two that mattered. :confused:
  19. cctekguy

    Ingram Rejects Trade Request?

    Can't find this story anywhere, but caught it on the news ticker of a radio station out of Anchorage I was listening to. Anyone heard anything?
  20. cctekguy

    Pelican State Propaganda

    Lots of buzz here on the bayou about today's upcoming game vs Alabama. I've heard interviews with their new coach, Ed Orgeron (Coach O), interviews with players, even a handful of experts and I'm getting this feeling like they think LSU can actually win this game. :eek: LSU (ranked 13th) has...