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  1. Phicinfan

    Who is the Fantasy Rookie #1 pick this year

    I know some are very, very expectant on who will be #1 So we will look at it in a DYNASTY point of view. Make a pick, and then let us know why....
  2. Phicinfan

    2020 post draft FA moves and roster moves - and other news and rumors

    Time for a new thread, to let folks keep up to date what is happening: - Patriots have released RFA Keionta Davis DE - he was on IR all last year - Seahawks have made two moves to make more cap room(maybe for Clowney???) they have released G D.J. Fluker and C Justin Britt - Eagles have signed...
  3. Phicinfan

    2020 NFL Draft rds 4-7 discussion

    Here we go folks
  4. Phicinfan

    2020 NFL draft rounds 2 and 3 discussion

    I won't be online as much tonight, plan to watch but won't post pick by pick. Still really looking for these key things: 1) When will Rb run start - so far only one Rb taken 2) Next Qb run - you have Fromm, Eason, Hurts and co sitting there 3) More Wrs? Can't wait for tonight!!
  5. Phicinfan

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    Posting this so we have one spot to sit and talk all the picks. Plan to be sitting online here while the draft is running
  6. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan's last and greatest 2020 Mock draft - rumors of moves incorporated

    I will say this. You can write Pick #1 and #2 in stone. This draft starts at #3. 1) Bengals - Joe Burrow Qb LSU 2) Redskins - Chase Young De Ohio State Those are locked and loaded. Yes Redskins could go OT - which they need, or they could go Qb if they are not sold on Haskins. But Rivera is...
  7. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan's 2020 NFL Mock draft #3 - with latest rumors incorporated

    Okay lets try this again, and see if what I hear is correct. 1) Bengals - Joe Burrow Qb LSU - this is pretty much a given now 2) Redskins - Chase Young DE Ohio State - need OT, need WR help, need help all around, but put this guy on the edge and they have a top defense in NFC East that they...
  8. Phicinfan

    Rbs - are they worth the 2nd big contract

    Okay, as we just heard in the news thread - Carolina has extended Christian McCaffrey to a 4 year deal for $64 million. Please note, this is an extension. He has completed 3 years on his rookie deal, so the first two years of this deal will be the last two of his initial contract - so cap hit...
  9. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan's 2020 Mock Draft #2 - As expected to go

    So enough of what "I" would do, and all the crazy trade rumors. Lets go back to what I have been seeing with all the discussions. 1) Cincinnati - Joe Burrow Qb LSU 2) Washington - Chase Young DE Ohio State 3) Detroit - Jeff Okudah Cb Ohio State 4) NY Giants - my first conundrum - They NEED...
  10. Phicinfan

    If I were each team's GM - Phicinfan's wishful thinking 2020 NFL Mock draft

    Here we go, I will also explain any trades or moves as best I can. Again, this is all speculation on my part...but I now have draft experts taking Qbs for Jags ... so .. Pick #1 - Cincinnati - Joe Burrows Qb LSU - surprised? No? Good, but wait, I am not done yet ;) Pick #2 - Washington -...
  11. Phicinfan

    2020 NFL Mock Draft - Phicinfan's I can't believe its a draft - draft.

    Okay this one is my more riskier draft. I am doing what "I" think needs to happen, for each team, and will explain my moves as it goes. 1) Cincinnati - Joe Burrows Qb LSU - Yeah, would love to have Miami or some other team move up and give a ton of picks to make Cincy move. But it just isn't...
  12. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan's 2020 Mock Draft 1 - the safer version

    So, again, I am no expert, but have been studying FA moves, trades and latest mock drafts from multiple sites, so I think I have a feeling what most feel will happen. I will say, if I get time, I plan to do one where I do what "I" think should happen, including trades and such. I will put...
  13. Phicinfan

    2020 NFL FA signings and moves and other news

    Hooper TE to Cleveland per reports
  14. Phicinfan

    New NFL and NFLPA CBA being voted on by NFLPA leadership today

    So, this is what I have found so far, that is different from previous information and CBA from last year... 1) 17 game regular season - removing 1 pre-season games 2) 14 team playoff system - 3 WC from each conf. With bye ONLY for 1st seed. 3) Two roster spots added to active roster and...
  15. Phicinfan

    Which Qb is the best fit....where?

    Okay, talk is really getting heated now, due to two things recently, well actually three. 1) Senior bowl is over, and we got a much better view of the "other" draftable Qbs in this draft, in other words NOT Burrows or Tua. 2) Rivers will NOT be the Qb in LAC land. 3) By a few reports I have...
  16. Phicinfan

    NFLPA are meeting today to address the latest proposal for CBA from NFL

    Per ESPN and PFT - this is a big move by NFL. Basically it includes a 17 game regular schedule, which alot of players are against Deadline to accept this deal is start of new season - March 18. Current CBA runs out at end of 2020 season. NFL has told the NFLPA that if they reject this deal...
  17. Phicinfan

    Mark Dantonio resigns as HC of Michigan State

    He just received a big $4.3 million bonus in January, and now is leaving the program. This is not good for Michigan State, they have to find a new coach, and then hope recruits don't bug out on their commitments. I have not yet heard a reason for Dantonio leaving as of yet.
  18. Phicinfan

    Post Superbowl, pre-draft NFL news and rumors

    ATL - will not negotiate to keep LB Vic Beasley CLE - hires Joe Woods as their DC - former 49ers DB coach WAS - Vernon Davis TE is retiring LAC - Anthony Lynn HC extended his contract DAL - looking to tag Dak, and he is looking to sit out camp if they do - take that Jerry! LVR(Raiders) - Looking...
  19. Phicinfan

    NFL 2020 Draft - Underclassmen that have applied to be in draft

    The players who have graduated are: Eno Benjamin, RB, Arizona St. Oluwole Betiku, DE, Illinois Lloyd Cushenberry, C, LSU Quartney Davis, WR, Texans A&M Alohi Gilman, S, Notre Dame Matt Hennessy, C, Temple Darnay Holmes, CB, UCLA Keith Ismael, C, San Diego St. Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah Tony...
  20. Phicinfan

    2020 Pre-superbowl news and who is in/out

    Confirmed - Romeo Crennel will not return as DC in Houston Tevin Coleman Rb SF is having an MRI on his injured shoulder DeAndre Hopkins played the latter half of his last game with a broken rib - tough guy! Soon to be FA TE Mercedes Lewis would like to keep playing and return to the Packers Jack...