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  1. Sgt John

    Will Tom Herman be at UT in 2021?

    Im not sure. When (outside of Dabo Swinney) has a coach burnt down his entire staff and went on to be a success?
  2. Sgt John

    Myles Garrett should be arrested

    What a f***ing azzhole. The NFL better ban him for a year.
  3. Sgt John

    So....who is going to take the job at pig aggy?

    Arkansas is a dumpster fire top to bottom. Still thinking its going to be Norvell.
  4. Sgt John

    My interview with 2013 UT LB recruit Naashon Hughes

    (Naashon is obviously a busy man, but wanted to breifly answer a few questions so fans could get to know him a bit better. Talking to the kid, he's a good young man who knows what he wants and goes out and gets it. Originally appears on Horn Sports) Recently I had the pleasure of speaking...
  5. Sgt John

    The Delusion that is Notre Dame

    This was an interview done by Horn Sports with Mike Coffey of ND Nation. You really a great look into just how self important the Irish feel they are. Im on record as believing ND isnt relevant as they think they are, and they dont deserve to be a single school with conference type access to...
  6. Sgt John

    A look at the Texas Offensive Line, Post Losses

    This is an article I originally did on Horn Sports regarding the state of the Texas offensive line after one guy quit and one guy tore his ACL. A Look at the Texas Offensive Line after Kelley/Hughes
  7. Sgt John

    TCUs Thoughts on The Big 12

    This is an interview done by Horn Sports with the leaders over at the TCU's Horned Frog Blitz page. TCU Football Chat With Horned Frog Blitz
  8. Sgt John

    Colin Cowherd's thoughts on the Patriots

    He's said before and said again, they are the Kansas City Chiefs with Tom Brady. How close to the mark is he? If this is true, does that mean the Broncos are now serious contenders for the AFC title just because of Manning?
  9. Sgt John

    What do you make of this Mike Jenkins mess?

    Hes clearly going to be behind Brandon Carr and Morris Clayborne. Why not just trade him??
  10. Sgt John

    WR Hakeem Nicks goes down

    Broken bone in foot. Out 12 weeks
  11. Sgt John

    Ryan Leaf headed to prison

    Montana plea deal includes recommendation of 5 years in prison. Still faces signifigant time in Texas.
  12. Sgt John

    Vince Young works out for Bills

    @VinceYoung: RT @ProFootballTalk: Vince Young "looked good" at Bills tryout, but no deal yet Vince Young “looked good” at Bills tryout, no deal yet | ProFootballTalk
  13. Sgt John

    Stanford AD to become Big 12 Commish

    @footballscoop: 10AM dept. wide meeting at Stanford where Bob Bowlsby will confirm to his staff that he is leaving to become Commish of Big 12
  14. Sgt John

    Ravens LB Suggs tears Achilles

    @ChipBrownOB: RT @AdamSchefter: Blow to Baltimore: Ravens LB Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles playing basketball.
  15. Sgt John

    Former NFL LB Junior Seau dies

    "Shooting" being investigated at his home
  16. Sgt John

    Deion Sanders wife arrested

    @DeionSanders: Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She's going to jail n I'm pressing charges! Wow.
  17. Sgt John

    Lets talk about Poe

    Great workout, but the guy wasnt dominant at Memphis. Boom bust like Vernon Gholston. What say you folks?
  18. Sgt John

    Arkansas hires Interim Head Coach

    John L Smith. Good hire in my opinion, as 8 of 9 assistants have worked with him before
  19. Sgt John

    Petrino fired by Arkansas

    Updated: Bobby Petrino fired at Arkansas | CollegeFootballTalk This had to happen, even in the SEC
  20. Sgt John

    Colorado State FB players suspended

    Video: Three Colorado State Football Players Shouted Homophobic Slurs at Four Random Freshman, Then Beat Them to a Pulp | The Big Lead Shame .....