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    2020 News
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    UT Has a Problem

    No I'm not talking about their rematch with LSU but... Texas linebacker Overshown to sit out until 'changes made'
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    Jimbo & the Aggies

    I know this breaks Khans heart about as much as mine. :)
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    2020 NCAA Title Game

    There's a pretty big game on TV tonight lest anyone forgets. Geaux Tigers, the LSU ones anyway. :D
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    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    In the early game it's a case of be careful what you wish for because I've wanted to face off with the Sooners every since we beat 'Bama. Now here we are. LSU is my winner here playing in Atlanta which has often times felt a bit like home. Tonight it's the Buckeyes vs those other Tigers in what...
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    NFL gets Flex Happy with Week 17 Schedule

    Several games have had their start times changed for the final regular season gridiron contest. The NFL is doing this to prevent teams from gaining the advantage of watching a playoff battle settled by an early game loss thusly allowing the 3 pm kickoff teams to rest their starters if they see...
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    NFL 2019, Week 16 In or Out and other injury notes

    Tomlin said JuJu Smith-Schuster (knee) remains "questionable" this week. Danny Boy is expected to be under center for the New York Football Giants this week. Duck draws another start for the Steelers according to reports. A.J. Green was in Green Bay meeting with foot specialist Dr. Robert...
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    NFL 2019, Week 14 In or Out and other injury notes

    Austin Hooper is expected to resume practicing today. I'm ready to get him back.
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    Come on Man

    I take my football teams pretty serious but there's no place for this BS!
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    NFL 2019, Week 12 In or Out and other injury notes

    Marlon Mack is out.
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    NFL 2019, Week 11 In or Out and other injury notes

    Hang on a few because they are coming...
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    NFL week 10, in, out and other news

    Coming soon.
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    How Good is the Patriot DEF/ST?

    Well on Yahoo sports standard scoring leagues they are the 7th highest scoring player. Yep they are behind Mahomes and a few other elites. Think about that advantage to a fantasy owner having a defense that is 7th in over all scoring. Ah Ha you say that you don't play in standard scoring leagues...
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    NFL Week 8 in, out and other news

    Hunt resumes practice today but he will not be eligible until week 10. That's fine with Chubbbbbbbb...
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    Pick Two

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    NFL week 6, in and out and other injuries

    Jay Gruden is out as head coach of the Redskins. Bill Callahan has been promoted to interim head coach.
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    RIP Bill Bidwill Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill passed away Wednesday at the age of 88. Bidwill's father, Charles, purchased the then-Chicago Cardinals in 1933. Bill inherited the team in 1962 shortly after it moved to St. Louis. Bill moved the team to Arizona in 1998 after St. Louis refused to...
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    NFL week 5, in and out and other injuries

    I'm hearing that Mitch Trubisky has a separated shoulder and will miss some time. It's Chase time...
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    NFL 2019, Week 3 In or Out and other injury notes

    This is going to be a sad thread this week and the top will be filled with some of the best. My best wishes to all that will be named here.
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    Pass the Kleenex Please

    I needed more than one on this feel good story.