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  1. Cerberus

    Jax v Houston

    Jax is a 15 1/2 - 16 pt dog. Question is, Is Houston the first team this season to cover a double digit spread or can my hapless Jags make it interesting and beat the spread? They do play better on the road and they did keep it interesting in GB.
  2. Cerberus

    Draft, Who made the best picks?

    Yes its only 1 round but so far i really like what the Browns have done. They got more competitive by drafting Richardson to help compete in the black and blue division. Like that they got Weeden for OKST. Think he will suprise some people. Cleveland had to make a move and they did. mccoy just...
  3. Cerberus

    Round 2 and 3

    Round 1 is in the history books and unfortunitly there is no mulligan for some teams. So lets talk what your team needs to do these next 2 rounds and who you'd like them to pick. I'll start(only makes sense since i started thread)LOL. Okay we got our WR with first pick and got Ross(cb) from...
  4. Cerberus

    Nebraska CB Arrested Dennard arrested in Lincoln What an idiot. says he was expected to be a 2-3rd round pick and was in the top 5 at the cb position for the draft. now what is he, maybe a 6-7 rd pick if that.
  5. Cerberus

    Vikings to LA?

    Report: Vikings owner Zygi Wilf in Los Angeles as Roger Goodell meet with Minnesota lawmakers - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN Just saw this. sounds like a commish threat if no new stadium is built. wtf is with getting a team to LA? Tried many times and never made, so why try it again? and two...
  6. Cerberus

    What Happened?

    What happened here? Did it crash? Seems i've lost everything, not like i said anything worth remembering but still.
  7. Cerberus

    Top 10 games of 2012 news: Top 12 games to look forward to in 2012 campaign Personally i don't see how they can predict this before the draft, preseason or as season goes along. Alot of things happen, like injuries, that could make a tasty looking game beforehand turn out to leave a sour taste in your...
  8. Cerberus

    Speaking of the Dolphins, They sign a WR

    Former Carolina Panthers and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Legedu Naanee has signed a one-year deal with Miami Dolphins, his agent, David Canter, told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Naanee had 44 catches for 467 yards and one touchdown in 15 games last season for the Panthers. Naanee...
  9. Cerberus

    BCS Trophy Shattered

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- A piece of history from the University of Alabama's championship run was shattered on Saturday afternoon following the Crimson Tide's annual A-Day scrimmage. The Coaches' Trophy from this season's BCS national title was accidentally knocked off its podium and shattered by...
  10. Cerberus

    NFL Eliminating the Kickoff?

    Mara: NFL closer to eliminating kickoffs Say it isn't so. Taking it away would take away one of the most exciting plays in football i think. Nothing switches momentum faster than the KO return for a TD. Taking it away would also almost take away any chances for late last second TDs to win...
  11. Cerberus

    Lee Evans Signs With Jaguars

    Lee Evans signs with Jaguars Not liking this signing for several reasons. 1. He's spent alot of time on injury reserve the past two seasons. (foot injury) 2. When i think of this signing, i think of J. Porter whom we signed and was nothing less than a disaster while here. 3. With this...
  12. Cerberus

    Up to date mock draft (as of today)

    Mock NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets should push for coveted players - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN I like the Jags "mock" pick. Taking Blackmon with the 7th pick and grabbing a DE with the 38th pick.
  13. Cerberus

    Top WRs for upcoming draft 2012 NFL Draft: Wide Receiver Rankings Kinda interesting. Been more into this part of the draft since its our biggest need as football team. After the first few it really seems to drop off into 2nd or 3rd round pics. Really hoping we pick up Blackmon with our first pick...
  14. Cerberus

    Odds on Peyton.

    Wonder what the realistic odds are he lasts the whole season. He's coming back from a serious injury and hasn't played in a year. Is he going to be more scared now from getting hit? Will denver go into a more run based offence and try to keep manning out of those situations? I hate to think it...
  15. Cerberus

    Last year Eli said it, this year Flacco runs his pie hole.

    Late For Work 4/4: How Do You Want Joe Flacco To Respond? « Baltimore Ravens Blogs Before last season, Eli came out and said he was the best QB in the league. We all laughed saying he wasn't the best of the family.(how does that crow taste, mine was served cold) And yet all he did was prove...
  16. Cerberus

    Looks different

    Looks different around here. Seems my favorite bar got a fresh coat of paint. Looks really good and looks so much less jumbled up. Its like a bachalor pad with a womans touch. LOL. Whoever was in charge of this should be commended for a job well done.
  17. Cerberus

    Tressel interviewing for HC position in Indy

    Indianapolis Colts interview Jim Tressel for coach job, reports say - ESPN And this time it will be legal to pay players.
  18. Cerberus

    NE v Baltimore & SF v NYG

    With GB and NO out of the playoffs ,does anybody really care anymore whats going on? Gotta say i don't have a team in the pot that i actually care much about. Baltimore has to be odd man out just because they don't have the ability to get a two letter abbreviation for there team. I just can't...
  19. Cerberus

    BCS is a joke and here's more proof why....

    Allstate BCS Championship Game -- Some AP voters might not pick BCS winner No. 1 - ESPN The last two paragraphs says it all. Hopefully somebody is listening.
  20. Cerberus

    Bowl Game Lineups

    College Bowl Games - 2011-12 College Bowl Game Scores and Schedules - ESPN Probably the best setup i've found so far. Like how they put it all in one spot. And don't forget, we got 3 bowl games today. Can't remember any of them but if my memory is correct i think its the flag football team...