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  1. Miller

    ODB to the Browns!

    1st, 3rd and peppers to NYG for ODB. Browns going all in. SB odds went to 14-1 and AFC odds went to 7-1, only behind NE and KC. WOW!
  2. Miller

    Brown to the Raiders

    Steelers deal Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th. Brown gets new deal with 30 mil in guarenteed money.
  3. Miller

    DFS week 7

    Anyone playing?
  4. Miller

    Have the Ticket Back!

    Well I sat on my principles for a couple years and let DTV keep their ticket when they wouldn't budge on price a couple years a go. Got tired this weekend of paying as much as I was and not having the ticket. So called to cancel today... Right away...offered $60 off for 12 months ($720 sav) No...
  5. Miller

    D Walker down...pretty grusome

    Didnt look good at all. Ankles aren't supposed to bend like that. Looked like a dislocated ankle or a severe break. All the best to him.
  6. Miller

    Week 1 DFS

    So who do you like? Must say, I love a cheap cincy stack this week. I don't think Cincy will have any issue with indy on either side of the ball. Here are some of the guys I like: QB: Dalton, Newton, Mahommes -Large t'ment dart throw: Watson...should take some time to unleash the run...but if...
  7. Miller

    Congrats Eagles Fans!

    Enjoy it, your are WORLD CHAMPS!!! Fly Eagles Fly!
  8. Miller

    Week 6 DFS

    My pool of players seems smaller than most weeks...which could be great if i hit on the right guys...or if they struggle...could be heading to goose egg land! QB: Watson Cousins Brees RB: Gurley Anderson Perine *These three backs will likely make or break my week Fornette - a little of him...
  9. Miller

    Week 4 DFS

    No thread this week? If I don't start something, feel free to start one, I'll likely remember to contribute more if there is a thread floating around.
  10. Miller

    Week 3 dfs

    Anyone playing? Rolling with Carr, Cousins and Newton as the QB's in my core teams. Gonna ride Carr until I lose with him. Biggest decision for me is him even if Murray plays....but do i have the stones to leave him in?
  11. Miller

    NFL Week did ya do?

    So who played week 1? How did ya do? I played almost all of my action on FD this week...what an odd opening week. On the main Sunday slates, there was not many huge performances and many of the big names didn't quite live up to what many expected. However, in a depressed scoring week, I'm...
  12. Miller

    The QB Wait game

    Early mocks appear to be in no hurry to take a QB....even the top tier. Highest ADP's on FF Calc at QB in ppr/flex drafts are 4th rd. Newton 4.1 Rogers 4.3 Luck 5.5 With the top tier falling this far....looks to be the wait game at QB this year, but if you can get a top tier QB in the 4th or...
  13. Miller

    Who it's the best value at te this year?

    TE oz looking to be very interesting again this year...plenty of stars....solid vets, surging young guns....and possible redemptions and breakouts. Reed stole the show last year, can he stay healthy enough till doll it again? Who could emerge like reed did last year? A value I like is a...
  14. Miller

    So......let's talk AP then

    Looks like there is some chatter about why not just dissect it here? Top 5? Top 10? Pass? Where do you stand? Always been a huge AP fan, but I also prefer to jump off the wagon a year early rather than a year late. I don't think I want him as my first pick this year. I don't think...
  15. Miller

    DFS Talk - Week 4 (Draft Kings, Fan Duel and any others)

    Figured I'd get it rocking early this week. Just peaked at DK's they have been awfully slow to adjust some prices. Might be hard for me to get away from Taylor and Dalton as value QB's.
  16. Miller

    want DFS in Louisiana?

    I know we have several LA outlaws here, if you want to play fan duel, draft kings or others in the future, there is some movement in your legislature. Here is some info from smoothie site: RotoGrinders community: The FSTA has been working to pass a bill in Louisiana to fully legalize...
  17. Miller

    FA 1st day summary

    From Michael David Smith at PFT. AFC
  18. Miller

    Bradford to Philly; Foles to St. L

    Chip continues to flip this roster on its head. If Bradford can stay healthy, I love his chances.... But that is a hell of an if.
  19. Miller

    Patrick Willis retires...

    WTF.... Where did this come from? Stated it is due to chronic foot injuries.
  20. Miller

    Buffalo Hires Rex Ryan

    WOW! Great for this young and talented defense....but you have to wonder what this does for the prospects of guys like Sammy Watkins, EJ Manuel and CJ Spiller....he never was able to develop young offensive talent in NY.