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  1. cctekguy

    Phicinfan's 2020 Mock Draft 1 - the safer version

    I think Tua goes 2nd overall by whatever means necessary. Just a hunch.
  2. cctekguy

    2020 NFL FA signings and moves and other news

    So who is your new favorite team now? I know you won't stick with a loser. Maybe Denver, FINALLY. Get into the Homer groove, though they won't win the division for the next 15 years. ....there ya go! Jump on the Chiefs bandwagon. Andy Reid is a great coach and Mahomes is the next GOAT. Chiefs...
  3. cctekguy

    2020 Conference championship round news and who is in/out

    I'm not sure, but "Chicken Scratch" used to mean a small amount of money. Maybe Chicken means MORE money. Wonder what the egg is worth :confused:
  4. cctekguy

    2020 NCAA Title Game

    Clemson has the better QB AND Running back. LSU gets the nod at WR. Not sure how the O Line and defenses match up. Should be a great game. GO TIGERSES!
  5. cctekguy

    2020 NFL QB situations - pre- draft look

    Miami must be one screwed up organization. Tannehill leaves and becomes "good" all of a sudden. Drake leaves and becomes good. Damien Williams leaves and becomes good. Minkah Fitzpatrick leaves and goes from good to GREAT. Parker becomes good under new head coach....Who am I missing? Point...
  6. cctekguy

    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    Final comments on that "Other" targeting call: I've scoured the internet for some sort of comment on it. On the 29th, I found one web site that at least mentioned the defender's name but I can't remember and I can't find the page in my history. I re-watched the entirety of the game today and...
  7. cctekguy

    2020 NFL draft order locked and loaded

    Is there anyone but me that would take Lawrence over Burrows?
  8. cctekguy

    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    I assume you're talking about the Wade/Lawrence targeting call. In a stand alone discussion I can see your argument. But no one is mentioning the OTHER targeting call. The criminal targeting call. The one where Etienne was just trotting in the open field, away from the play. Anyone remember...
  9. cctekguy

    Week 17 football thoughts

    I agree. Especially with his age and lack of conditioning that other players get. So what was Rogers excuse for the entire season....Climate Change?
  10. cctekguy

    Week 17 football thoughts

    I have my doubts about the whole "cold weather" advantage theory. I'll concede an advantage in some non-physical ways like how to throw a cold ball but to suggest that sub zero temperatures will affect Packers players less than it will affect Saints players is nonsense to me. Cold is cold no...
  11. cctekguy

    Week 17 football thoughts

    Cowboys Suck... Patriots will lose to Ten in the first round. :D Green Bay struggled to beat Detroit...Yet THEY are the #1 seed? SF, Sea, NO only real teams worthy of the Super Bowl. KC defense will fail them. Buffalo offense will fail them Titans and Texans go deeper than expected...
  12. cctekguy

    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    Ohio State's defense could have avoided some Clemson points if they had kept the "Attempted Murder" penalties to a minimum.
  13. cctekguy

    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    I got Notre Dame over Iowa State LSU over Oklahoma Clemson over Ohio State. Like you, I would prefer to face Ohio State. Burrow is projected to be drafted #1 by Cincinnati. It would be a nice introduction to Bengal fans to see their 1st round pick play in a big game.
  14. cctekguy

    2019 NFL Head Coach and possibly GM hot seats

    Jerry Jones' ego couldn't handle Sean Payton. Jason Garrett was the perfect coach for Jerry. A sniffling, spineless yes man that let Jerry coach the team and took the heat when Jerry failed. I don't think any coach worth his salt would work for Jerry Jones.
  15. cctekguy

    NFL 2019, Week 16 In or Out and other injury notes

    Nuke played Saturday and wasn't very good at all.
  16. cctekguy

    NFL 2019, Week 16 In or Out and other injury notes

    In case you missed it, the weather is supposed to be game changing in Miami. Start your Bengals and Dolphins with caution.
  17. cctekguy

    Going for a first round bye

    Hilton for me but I wouldn't argue if you chose Sutton.
  18. cctekguy

    Sending a Trade, I think 😔

    Sending a Trade, I think 😔
  19. cctekguy

    NFL 2019, Week 11 In or Out and other injury notes

    If there are too many to list, then why should we stay tuned?