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    Who do ya got this weekend??

    tough ones, want to see two good games mostly. The sentiment is with the Bills given their tortured history. but on the other hand, would not be disappointed to see Mahomes v Rodgers or Mahomes v Brady.
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    NFL 2020 Wild Card weekend - in/out - news and rumors

    Pretty good slate of games this weekend, no memorable games, but Baltimore Tennessee was solid and Bills vs Colts was compelling with Buffalo hanging on and getting their first playoff win in 25 years. there is something going on with Cleveland - Pittsburgh, maybe it's nothing but I am feeling...
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    Anyone else having issues with the site

    Extremely buggy when I have to use the back button on the mobile device. Typing forward it is okay but any time I have to edit its excruciating. Just started happening today.
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    Dynasty league brag

    Id just drop out of the league.that takes care of the issue.
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    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    Dallas nailed this draft. Can't believe it but I love the players they got
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    2020 NFL draft order locked and loaded

    I hope they can swim
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    2020 NFL draft order locked and loaded

    Id take Lawrence any day over Burrows.
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    NFL 2019 NFL Playoff bracket

    Bill O Brien has to be the MVP of the playoffs so far. He single handedly made Andy Reid look like a genius. Ok a little help from Mahomes. But O'Brien deserves a round of applause from Chief fans.
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    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    Ohio State lost the game in the first half. They should have got tds instead of field goals. Once it was close in the fourth I felt like Clemson would pull it out. I still thought that call reversal on the OSU defensive td was absurd. I continue to be baffled by whats considered a catch versus...
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    Will Tom Herman be at UT in 2021?

    I said at least 9-4 and thats next year. Guessing he has 2 to 3 years to get them in the playoffs, or he is out. But there is a minimum bar he has to maintain or surpass next year to get that chance. But generally agree it's been so many years of bad football a solid 9-4 team feels like a win.
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    We will see apart from Oklahoma any of the other three can win. I'm really just trying to stir the pot. I think Clemson can and will win again, but I don't have a major issue with Clemson being ranked at 3. Actually think might be better for Clemson they are being overlooked. Focus and...
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    Will Tom Herman be at UT in 2021?

    I think hed better have a good season next year at least 9-4 possibly 10-3 or he is at risk.and a win over Oklahoma wouldn't hurt.
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    I'm weighing last year and thia year and combining the two Clemson has been more impressive. I get that college football is a bit different year to year. But aim including Clemsons stomping of a seemingly unbeatable bama team last year in the equation. Partly because they have the same QB and a...
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    I still think Clemson deserved to be the 1 seed. I don't know if they are the best team. Playoff will tell, but they won last year and have not lost so it feels a little bit of a slap in the face to rank them 3rd. They have the same QB that tore alabama apart in the BCS Championship game last...