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    Eli Manning is....

    Agree.. his only SB win was garbage gifted by the refs. Never really hear much about SB XL and for good reason
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    Eli Manning is....

    Meh.. Eli made his mark in a league that was much more pass friendly. Can' t really argue with you on Fouts tho
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    Eli Manning is....

    Eli Manning is.... Not deserving of the HOF.
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    2019 Fantasy Dr is IN thread

    Week 9... Josh Allen vs Wash or Winston @ Sea?
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    2019 Fantasy Dr is IN thread

    Scary Terry McLaurin @ Miami or Stefon Diggs vs Philly? .5 ppr
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    2019 Fantasy Dr is IN thread

    Flex - Diggs @ GB or Aaron Jones vs Min? .5 ppr
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    Which QB Week 2?

    Matt Ryan vs Philly or Jared Goff vs New Orleans? Thanks
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    Which QB Rest of Season?

    Standard QB scoring.. Who'd you rather have on your fantasy team for the rest of this season... Jared Goff or Big Ben?
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    3rd tier RB's

    Some guys that I have ranked pretty close in what I'd consider the 3rd tier of RB's... - Fournette - Kerryon - Freeman - D. Williams - A. Jones I'm probably higher on Fournette than most. I'm aware of his injury history but I can't get past his unquestioned role in what should be an improved...
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    2nd tier RB's

    Some guys that I have ranked pretty close in what I'd consider the 2nd tier of RB's... - Chubb - Conner - Gurley - Cook - Bell - Mixon How would you rank these guys? Are you out on any of them for any particular reason? All in on any of them? I'm willing to take the plunge on most of these...
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    2019 Super Bowl- Who you got?

    Two things I like about Pats in the Super Bowl.. 1 - Win, lose or draw.. the games are usually close and exciting. 2 - Gives me a villain to root against. Told my wife and son mid season that the Rams would beat the NE in the big game and I'm sticking with it.. Rams over NE in a close one
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    Hilton may not play?!!

    Start Dalvin vs Mia 4 sure and TY...... If he plays
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    Week 15 Help

    .5 ppr league Matt Ryan vs AZ or Dak @ Indy and Corey Davis @ NYG or Curtis Samuels vs N.O. Thanks
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    Week 14 RB Help

    .5 ppr league with bonuses at 100 yards... Need to start 2 out of the following RB's - Joe Mixon @ Chargers (I fear a blowout here negatively effecting Mixon's opportunities) Lamar Miller vs Colts (Been ok lately but sharing alot of carries, sucked last time @ Colts) Justin Jackson vs...
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    Win and I'm In.. Week 13

    A couple questions - .5 PPR Pick 1 Flex... Fitz @ GB Doug Baldwin vs SF AP @ Philly Pick 1 QB... Jameis vs Car Watson vs Cle