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    2020 NFL FA signings and moves and other news

    Let’s make a trade in Shula. Always a good time to rip me off when I’m bored and prone to making a deal just to make a deal. Better for your health than eating Cheetos
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    2020 NFL FA signings and moves and other news

    They would give up the 31st pick for him if they didn’t have to pay him. But yeah, not giving 31and paying his contract too. They will draft a WR with One of their 1st rounders I’m pretty sure.
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    Running backs

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    Phicinfan's 2020 Mock Draft 1 - the safer version

    I'm with you on my Niners taking Kinlaw. They do need a WR, but can get one at 31 (Mims maybe). D-line is the strength of their team and they have to have an inside pass rush. Not sure if they have to trade up though. I think the WRs will go earlier than you have them going, but WTF do I...
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    I wonder how much money was exchanged under the table?
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    Yeah, butt (pun intended) In this age, you can't go slapping random people on the butt. How could you possibly think that is OK? And the money thing is just stupid. LSU won the title and you haven't been at LSU since 2013. Why do you have to be an attention whore and take away from the...
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    2020 NFL Divisional round playoff news and updates

    No kidding. I timed my cardio workout at the gym so that I could watch the first half. Finished up just as Chiefs got their first TD to make it 24-7. In the 8-10 minutes that it took me to walk to my car and drive home, it was 28-24. A true WTF moment.
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    2020 Conference championship round news and who is in/out

    At the risk of sounding unhip, what does "take care of y'all chicken" mean? Am old enough to remember that 'bread" means money, but WFT does chicken reference?
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    Jimmy Johnson/Troy Aikman

    Maybe the fact that Jimmy Johnson used to bully and belittle Janis Joplin in high school has something to do with it 🤘
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    Crushed another draft

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    Crushed another draft

    OK. I think you’re too high on Montgomery. Cohen is gonna play. He’s exceptional in the passing game. Davis is a solid player who is a good receiver out of the backfield. 34 catches last year and over 500 yards rushing at 4.6 a carry (4.7 for Carson and 4.9 for Penny) He’s gonna be used...
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    Crushed another draft

    I think people are way too down on Freeman. He was hurt last year and they switched to a zone blocking system which is better for him. Fangio will want to pound the ball. We will see about Montgomery once the real games start. Davis is going to have a role, probably in the 6-8 touch a week...
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    Crushed another draft

    1.14 OBJ: Just a feeling he has a huge season. Hard to pass on Juju here, 2.01 Cook: In a 14 team, the RBs would have been rough by the time it got back to me. Like the 3/4 turn WRs just fine 3.14 Godwin: Love him. Arians in and Humphries and DJax gone. 4.01 Golladay: 5.14 Hunter Henry...
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    Crushed another draft

    Great team for a 14 teamer. I'm not a big Cam fan this year, but you can always trade for a QB if he struggles out of the gate. We switched our local league from 12 to 14 three years ago. Amazing difference those two extra slots mean for draft position, especially when you draft on the...
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    3rd tier RB's

    I think the Colts will still have a good team, but fantasy wise, a lot of downgrades. Hoping to trade for Mack at a discount right now.