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Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Phicinfan

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    Throwing this out for discussion....

    Is Josh Allen the new Cam Newton?

    Josh Allen in his last 3 games....
    Passing - 8 of 19 for 160 with one passing TD, Rushing - 13 attemps for 99yds and one TD
    Passing - 18 of 33 for 231 yards 2TDs and 2 INTS , Rushing - 9 attempts for 135 yards
    Passing - 18 of 36 for 206 yards O Tds, 2 INTs, Rushing - 9 attempts for 109 yards and one TD

    He is big, athletic, but inaccurate. He will throw a TD from anywhere and a pick also, but his rushing has been pretty amazing.

    Is he the Cam clone? Or is this the offense from Carolina that made Cam ...Cam?

  2. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    I am seriously considering starting Allen over Watson this week, mostly because Houston seems to want to run more, and Allen is the whole offense in Buffalo. Early in Cam's career, he was really all there was in Carolina also, and they appear to be using him in the same way. Once he gets hit enough however...

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